Getting back to basics

National PROPERTY Company



To bring consistency across teams, allowing the business to grow as a whole, with identified and agreed targets.




After the initial period of getting to know the business, my main task was to evaluate what was working and what wasn’t.


I put processes in place to plan work, brief suppliers and assign activity, working with every individual team to understand their targets and where their growth opportunities were.


Suppliers were assessed to determine if they were the right fit, were being utilised to their full potential and working agreements were put in place where needed.


Budgeting for marketing activity was sporadic, so working with the Finance Team I developed budgets that were realistic and could be tracked, with monthly budget reporting also developed.


Importantly I worked with the Senior Exec Team to put in place planning for the next quarter and the year ahead to ensure a single source of truth.


  • 18 months



  • Plans in place for future growth 

  • Budgets set across all teams

  • Suppliers working in the right roles in a manner that benefitted them and the client

  • New marketing delivery team recruited and in place

  • Me stepping back in the knowledge that the company now had the capabilities to move forward confidently

proposition delivery

High Street Bank


To plan a route out of product development and into the retail market for five new current accounts.




My remit was to pull together detailed plans to include timelines, budgets, deliverable briefs and resourcing requirements to take five newly built current accounts and get them to market. 

Delivery plans developed for Comms, Digital, Legal, Compliance, Product Development, Training and Branch Management.

The initial planning phase was 3 months, but during this time I identified the need to pull together a specific Comms team to role out all collateral. For the next 11 months I recruited and managed this team, ensuring all product launch collateral was in place. Additionally I delivered a detailed migration schedule for moving customers from current accounts that were closing. This schedule had to be able to withstand any 'treating customers fairly' challenges.

The biggest challenge I faced though was managing all this activity within a set budget that on the face of it wasn't enough. I had to think out of the box, and came up with a plan to migrate customers digitally. Re-enacting the full face to face sales process using digital comms and within the required legal framework.




  • 14 months


  • Five current accounts on sale with required supporting collateral

  • Customers from multiple accounts that were to close migrated to one of the new accounts

  • Consistency across multiple brands achieved

  • Team of contractors recruited, managed and mentored

  • Budget constraints adhered to without standards being impacted

go to market strategy

Tech Start Up Consultancy


To work with the business owner to define the proposition, the user profiles, the customer journey and the go to market strategy.




Sessions were run to define initial thoughts on the proposition and potential users. I conducted interviews with a sample identified by the owner, writing these up and making recommendations on the minimum viable proposition and the go to market strategy.

Input and project management of new consultancy website delivered.

Second phase development is now underway, working on the launch of streamlined offshoot businesses that will sit under separate brands but use the underlying technology of the main brand. This will allow the ability to target directly into disparate markets that can benefit from the underlying technology, but have different needs and routes to accessing that technology.

This second phase includes planning, proposition development, and go to market strategy, as well as input to new websites and their positioning, and the campaigns to deliver leads.




  • Since 2017 and we're still working on it!


  • Consultancy business launched

  • Online Hub for customers launched in beta mode

  • Feedback from beta customers taken and used to develop Hub updates

  • Second phase of growth strategy well underway