Think big, start small

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Skyscanner started as a bespoke spreadsheet created by Gareth Williams in his bedroom to help him find the best flight prices to go skiing. He was frustrated by the confusion of searching across multiple sites to get the best options and combinations.

Fast forward to today and Skyscanner is no longer a spreadsheet. They are a global travel tech firm, purchased in 2016 by Group, the largest online travel agency in China.

They launched under the power of their own wallet in 2003, and were purchased for $1.75 billion.

Smart companies like Skyscanner think big but start small.

Smart companies prototype all sorts of things as a way to test and learn, get things to market quickly and to ensure they don't have projects that never finish or are costly mistakes.

And, what's more prototyping isn't just for big companies, anyone can reap the benefits.

Prototype to reap the benefits

  • Identify the projects that will make a difference to your business

  • Set out your strategic intent, and onboard the project team

  • Let your project team test and learn

  • If it works, then great, roll it out

  • If it fails, well at least you know before you rolled it out

We might not all be as high profile as Skyscanner, but we can follow their example, and be a smart company that thinks big, but starts small.

Check out my Work page - I am currently working on #thinkbigstartsmall with an independent Tech Start Up, testing and learning to find out #marketappetite

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