New Beginnings

I've made a new beginning and I wanted to talk about it.

I'm going to be doing more of the good things I've always done, but now I'm proud to be doing them under my own name - Shona Crawford Consultancy.

But what does that all mean?

For many years I worked within large corporates. I managed P&L's and product portfolios, covered strategic marketing and proposition development, as well as product management and resourcing.

Since 2016, working as a trusted advisor, I have been bringing that expertise to businesses that probably don't need to hire someone like me full time, but can certainly benefit from being able to access my skills.

Think of me as "the best employee you don't employ."

Working with your senior management team I can help you grow and get you where you want to be. Mapping the best way forward to support your growth ambitions, getting under the bonnet and truly understanding how your business ticks.

Who Can Benefit?

Small to medium sized business or social enterprises who probably don't have a senior in-house resource to help with Business Consultancy, Customer Insight, and Marketing Strategy, can benefit the most.

You are probably the Managing Director, Senior Partner or Chief Operating Officer. You know you need someone to work in partnership with you, who can quickly understand your business and make good recommendations. You might even need someone who can action those recommendations.

I think of my work as a partnership. I bring the skills that you probably wouldn't employ on a full time basis, but that can make a real difference.

I've done lots of good work and I'm happy to chat about it. I'm sure there will be something I can work on with you - retained or on a project basis.

Get in touch

You can call me on 07766 943125 or email me at

You can also have a look at my website to check out some of my work and some of the good things people say about me - and if you've got feedback then please share it with me.

Hope to be hearing from you soon.


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